Easter Pom Poms

Wanna fun easter project? Break out the cupcake liners to make these darling pom poms. The kids will have fun separating the liners, sorting by color and squishing them up!

Start with liners in whatever colors you choose. I bought the multipacks of assorted pastel colors for an Easter look. I used 5 packs to make 4 of them.

Pinch the liners until they have somewhat of a point to the bottom.

Hot glue onto a styrofoam ball. It takes some time and patience, especially when doing 4! :)

I hung ours over the kids' toy cabinet but I think I'll move them above Jenna's crib after Easter. She loves to look at them! How cute would they be at an outdoor wedding or summer party hanging from the trees? :)

Have a great rest of the week!

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Naomi Edwards said...

This tutorial is absolutely great, thank you, they look amazing!