Seriously Cute Cards!

If there is one thing I wished I had it is more time to do all the things creative that I love. I used to be a scrapbooking, card making maniac...until kids came along. I simply don't have the time for it now but still always gravitate towards the handmade looking cards at Target.

You HAVE to get your fanny over to and check out these cards! Rachael and her beautiful mother do such a detailed job making these each a work of art! My only problem is that I want to keep each one, sometimes they're just too cute to send! She has oodles of examples on her blog site and is always coming up with new ones. Love, love love them!


I adore this little girl and her family! Little K came in for her 2 year pics and could not look more like her older sister at the same age. All 3 kiddos were blessed with their mommas beautiful eyes. She wasn't too sure what to think at first but by the end of the session she took over the place. Thanks for coming in K, always fun to see you and your sweet kids!


Easter Pom Poms

Wanna fun easter project? Break out the cupcake liners to make these darling pom poms. The kids will have fun separating the liners, sorting by color and squishing them up!

Start with liners in whatever colors you choose. I bought the multipacks of assorted pastel colors for an Easter look. I used 5 packs to make 4 of them.

Pinch the liners until they have somewhat of a point to the bottom.

Hot glue onto a styrofoam ball. It takes some time and patience, especially when doing 4! :)

I hung ours over the kids' toy cabinet but I think I'll move them above Jenna's crib after Easter. She loves to look at them! How cute would they be at an outdoor wedding or summer party hanging from the trees? :)

Have a great rest of the week!

Smothered in Love!

One of my favorite families to photograph came for another visit...this time with a pink bundle in hand. And oh, is she precious! She's got the perfect little baby face with those cheeks you just want to squeeze! She is smothered in love by 2 older brothers and a wonderful mom and dad. Thanks W family! I'm THRILLED for you!


Alien Invasion

Thought I'd give my eyeballs a break from editing and share with you some photos of my sweet niece.

On her recent visit from Kansas she had one request... an early birthday party at Space Aliens. In preparation for the big event her and Eli decorated some alien cupcakes that were too cute not to pass on.

Incredibly easy! Make cupcakes (any kind) in the foil wrappers. Use the NEON green food coloring for the frosting and black gel frosting for the mouth and eye color. Mint mentos make up the white portions of the eyeballs. As Eli would say "easy peasy lemon sqeezy!"

The birthday girl doing some mad concentration!

I love this one. She was all quiet at the table after they were done decorating. We looked over and she had moved on to decorating her face. This was her expression as she looked at herself in the mirror to see her creation!

Of course her mom couldn't resist finishing the job!

We even had a lil' alien to come help us clean up the frosting :)

Have a great Thursday everyone!


Girl Boom

Girls, girls everywhere! I have had so many sessions with little girls lately and looked ahead on the calendar today and saw nothing but girl through the next month as well. I had a past client contact me yesterday (who has 3 boys) saying they are expecting a baby this fall. I was so excited to hear the news and told her that I would send her some pink vibes. So here you go "O" family....girl vibes coming your way! :)

This little honey was in with her mommy and older sister. Doesn't she have the most perfect little baby face? Just love her. A family member made her cute purple sweater for her. I always think that adds so much more meaning to a photo.

Make it a fun weekend everyone! I'm off to gather a few GIRL things for my shoot tomorrow:)