Leprechaun Lies

I've chosen to shoot only 1-2 times per week this year in an effort to allow some more "mommy time". I'm going to try to add a few fun projects now and then in hopes that you can pass them onto your family and well...I just really like doing this kinda stuff!

Just like any other holiday there are an endless number of lies you can tell your children about St. Patricks day! (No, it's not just about green beer!) One day they're going to find out and I know I'm going to feel a tad guilty! In the meantime it's a blast to get them all excited about the nighttime visit of the tiny green men.

Here are just a few ideas...sorry I didn't get them posted BEFORE the holiday. I'll try get better at that.

Rainbow pancakes, super easy. Mix a big batch of pancake mix, separate into 6 little dishes and tint the mix.

Eli brought rainbow jello to school for a treat. I think this would be super cute as a 4th of July treat as well using red, white and blue. Send me a message if you want the recipe for this one. Just a heads up that it took about 3 hours. Not hard by any means, it's just a lot of waiting time in between layers. The layers can be peeled apart which makes it all the more fun for the kids to eat.

So about those leprechauns...

The lie we tell in our house is that they come in and make a complete mess of everything. Travis and I tipped over furniture the night before, hung pictures upside down, dropped shamrocks all over the tables and hid gold coins around the house. I think Eli was about as excited to wake up as he is to see what's in his Christmas stocking!

Enjoy your week everyone!

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