Back At It!

I'm back at it after a few weeks off. My resolution this year was to make a little more time for my kiddos as well as the million and one different projects I have started around the house. I guess you would call it a work/home balance and I know it's a constant battle for so many of you working moms out there.

Well, it took until Feb but I kicked things off with a couple weekends off from shoots to enjoy time with the kids. Monday nights are now sewing class nights. Who ever thought a sewing class could be so much fun?? Being able to tackle a few sewing projects that have been in my brain for quite some time feels SO good!

Anyways, I'm completely caught up with my work, taxes are done and I'm so ready for my first little newborn girly this weekend! Can't wait to get my itsy bitsy baby fix!

I'm going to leave you with an alternative to frames image. So many clients ask what kind of frames I recommend. My answer is usually "none". Personal preference of course but I love the look of pictures in something other than a frame.I'll try post an image a week of some of the alternatives I have around the house.

This particular one is a window with 6 panes....perfect for 6 8X10's. I used sticky tabs on the back of the prints to adhere them to the window. I'm patiently waiting for a "sister" to the window to put on the other side of the mirror but have to wait until my favorite flea market opens up this spring:)

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J-mo said...

I like the window idea - it's really cute!