Trash to treasure

Last week I shared with you my feelings toward frames. I used to LOVE them. I would rotate them out as my decor changed (if you know me that means monthly) and then realized how much money I was throwing away on them.

I started to think outside of the box and rummage through my junk pile on the side of the house. (also referred to in our house as the sanford and sons pile - hubby is not a fan of it!).

Staring me in the face was a well worn ladder that I had spotted on spring cleanup. I just knew I would find a use for it :) Yes, this ladder was on someones curb...I admit it. Bleached her up, painted white, now she's my treasure with a whole new purpose in life. So thank you kind soul that threw it out 2 years ago!

Each rung of the ladder holds a "cousin" proudly above our couch. I have 8X10 standouts between each rung of the ladder. One tiny nail is required for each one which makes me smile even more. I tend to move stuff around more than most so the less nails the better. Standouts are a great product that is much more inexpensive than a canvas but still gives you the no frame look.

Here she be.....

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Kayla Walter said...

That is so awesome Nikki! you are so creative!